Stiffened Baseplate Design (LSM – IS 800:2007)

Pro-Version 1 Year

₹24,950 Excl GST


  • A distinctive user interface allows impeccable ‘dimension check’ w.r.t bolt edge/end distances, pitch, gauge, b/p length & b/p width.
  • Handles up to 50 support nodes & 500 LCs in a single run.
  • Design both pinned and fixed bases for 12 b/p configurations.
  • Baseplate types include “H” & SHS columns in rolled and built-up profiles.
  • Bi-axial column bending with stress increase for wind/seismic LCs.
  • Starts with minimum dims/sizes of b/p elements;Performs iterations, internally, for ‘optimum’ economy.
  • All components of a stiffened b/p, including connecting welds, designed at a mouse click.
  • Load specific stress increase factors can be selected for WL/EL/BL combinations.
  • Uses design principles as followed by O&G industry viz. PIPs, DEPs and good engineering practices.
  • Less than 5 minutes from import of support reactions until complete design with 8 sheets of detailed calculations with b/p sketch.