We are glad to announce the completion and handover of Phase-1 of “The Warehouse Park” in Hyderabad (TS), India.

We are glad to announce the completion and handover of Phase-1 of “The Warehouse Park” in Hyderabad (TS), India. Sharing some pics starting from early construction stages until final completion.
The most unique feature about this project is that ECEPL designed not just the sub-structure, but the steel super-structure too complete with steel connections. Our optimized structural design, utilizing ‘in-house’ design templates, not only ensured appreciable cost savings for our client, but in fact surpassed expectations of the end users regarding quality, specifications, and logistics.
Client: Zeromile Warehousing Pvt. Ltd.
Consultant (Civil & Structural): Epicenter Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Fabricator: Kirby Building Systems Pvt. Ltd.
> End users include Amazon, Flipkart and Reliance.
> 1,000,000 sft of warehousing.
> 210mx177m double-gable PEB + 4 single PEB units.
> 12.5m clear height at eaves.
> Seamless roofing; FM2 flooring; DLPs for L/U bays.
> 5m cantilever canopies in reverse slope.
> Multiple rows of JBs enabling min. column grid of 25mx16m.
> Mezzanine floor on docking side with 6m clearance below.
Founded on sheet rock (SBC @ 2,000 kN/sqm).
Structural steel tonnage > < 5 kg/sft (includes mezzanine).
> Structural steel design to AISC-ASD & serviceability criteria to MBMA.
> Civil design to IS 456:2000.
Wind pressures calculated using ‘in-house’ wind load software.
> Baseplates, pedestals, spread footings & composite deck slabs (mezzanine) all designed using ECEPL software.


We are glad to share news of completion of our colossal project ‘The Warehouse Park’ built over 36.4 acres (1,47,300 sq.m) of land in Hyderabad, Telangana (India), that houses E-commerce MNCs such as Amazon & Flipkart.

Epicenter Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd.® is one of the few (non-fabricator) engg firms in the country, capable of designing PEBs using built-up sections in tapered profiles, in the most economical manner. Our work has been greatly appreciated by our client and applauded by end users, thanks to our dedicated and committed staff, and to our hallmark design templates.


Under the guidance of our MD, Sayed Hyder, our R&D team has once again come up with an innovative time-saver design template for wind load calculations. With the help of this template, we are able to calculate wind loads on various elements of a gable-framed structure, with extreme precision, in just a few seconds. The design template has been viewed and appreciated both by practicing engineers and engineering students.


The astounding response to our automated baseplate design has been both gratifying and inspiring for us. Taking it a step further, we have announced a cash award of INR1,00,000 (USD1,333) to any structural engineer who can design a stiffened baseplate, to any design code, faster than us. We call it ‘The Baseplate Design Challenge’

All that a contestant has to do is make a video of the baseplate design, taking reactions and other input from attached file in the R&D section of this website and email it to us with detailed calculations before 31 March 2021.

Calculations from contestants, with a design time lesser than 5 minutes, would be sent for third party verification to IIT, NIT, IIIT or others. The award will go to the contestant with the least design time from among the shortlisted ones.