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RCC Slab Design (LSM – IS 456:2000)

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  • Designs our one-way & two-way slab panels, for all boundary conditions, at just a mouse click.
  • Uses built-in design tables & charts of relevant design code. User intervention is not required during the entire design process.
  • Allows user to choose different load factors for DL, LL & blast loads.
  • Includes checks for Flexure , Shear and Deflection
  • Output contains detailed ‘step-by-step’ calculations for various limit states for both design & serviceability.
  • User defined increments for bar spacing and slab thickness.

3 reviews for RCC SLAB

  1. Rajesh kumar

    Very handy for stand alone design of 1-way and 2-way RCC slab panels.

  2. john


  3. Mithun K

    Design options available in terms of round-off values and pt,max give flexibilty and make it unique

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