Most Economical Spread Footing (LSM – IS 456:2000)

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  • Handles up to 50 support nodes & 500 LCs in a single run.
  • SBC checked with user-specified LOC value (Teng’s chart used).
  • Includes checks for 2-way shear, 1-way shear (both directions), sagging/hogging flexure (both axes), buoyancy/uplift, sliding (both directions) and overturning (both axes).
  • Handles loads applied at both footing and pedestal level. Ideal forspread footings for PEB/warehouse, pipe-rack, sub-station, control room, factory, showroom etc.
  • SBC increase factor, uplift FOS, sliding FOS, overturning FOS & restoring moment for overturning check are all load specific. This feature makes the software ideal for shallow foundation design for ‘blast-resistant’ plant buildings in O & G industry.
  • Soil overburden calculated accurately based on footing location making it useful to economise PEB foundations for pinned & fixed bases.
  • Uses design principles as followed by O & G industry viz. PIPs, DEPs and good engineering practices.
  • Less than 5 minutes from import of support reactions until complete design with 6 sheets of detailed calculations including sketch for GA & rebar details.
  • “Most economical design”using unit rates of concrete, rebar & formwork.


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