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Wearable Technology That Will Change the Construction Industry

Wearable Technology That Will Change the Construction Industry

Innovative companies around the world are looking to bring more technology to the workplace by focusing on innovating existing equipment. It is easy to think of wearable technology as simply a commodity, used for greater connectivity with the online world, or a tool to track one's physical state. Although it is true, wearables are slowly leaking into the professional sphere, and can actually provide the construction industry with a number of benefits. The impact of cloud technology and mobile devices, wearables are becoming more common in construction, and in the coming years, their use can be extended. Here are some examples of how wearable technology can play a great role in construction industry.

Smart Helmets



One of the important equipment at construction field is helmet. In this modern technology, Smart helmets are providing a number capabilities that enhance security in multiple ways for users at work place. A company in California, has developed an updated version of the standard hardhat, taking advantage of modern technology. Smart Helmet looks like normal hardhat, but includes a clear visor that shows 3D visual overlays in the user field of view. Through augmented technology, a 360 ° view allows workers to see their entire environment, which will help increase safety and has the potential to reduce accidents in workplaces. The most advanced features of smart helmets include increased work instructions, direct communication to remote workers, and thermal vision.

Bionic Suits for Construction Workers



Much of the health and safety problems that arise at a construction site are all about hard physical work, which causes long term problems for every worker. To face this, bionic suits provide the ability to pick up and operate heavy machinery with ease. Bionic costumes have the ability to reduce working time for tasks. Bionic suits can have a positive impact in terms of health and safety, but also contribute to greater efficiency and productivity in workplaces.

Safer Safety Vests


Another need in the workplace is the safety vest. One of the ways in which the security vest is being updated is through location and tracking capabilities. Some features include monitoring the activities of a worker, distance traveled, temperature and hours worked. With GPS, the danger areas can be defined and if a worker enters these zones, the vest will blink to warn them not to enter. Call buttons are also included for emergency situations where workers will be alerted to the specific location of their injured colleague . Safety vests provide a highly effective tool to track productivity, safety and allow construction companies the ability to increase visibility in real time for each individual worker.

Smart Glasses


Although smart helmets, vests and bionic costumes offer countless benefits, they are also priced high. Smart glasses provide an economic starting point. Similar to smart glasses used in the consumer sphere, such as Google Glass, many of these functions can also used in construction. Smart Glass users have the ability to control what they see on their lenses by turning their eyes in certain directions. The user can also access plans, instructions and designs using the glasses. Smart glasses can eliminate the need for bulky plans and paperwork. Everything is portable and accessible at any time that makes the work more efficient. These devices also have the ability to record pictures, videos and voice commands that are integrated with mobile applications.


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