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Wearable devices in the workplace for safety

Wearable devices in the workplace for safety

Wearable devices


Construction work is a very dangerous and hazardous land based job. Building houses, roads, repair and maintain infrastructures are some of the construction jobs. Here the workers have to work under many hazardous conditions which may be working at a very top heights, dust, power tools and equipment which is of a concern to there safety and security. So as technology is growing at a very fast pace construction industry is also giving more attention on improving the safety. So the construction industry is making use of wearables to monitor workers and their environment to make job site safer. The construction industry is embedding the wearable technology in to the apparel and personal protective equipment like hard hats, gloves, safety vests and work boots. Construction industry is also making use of the technology by introducing biometrics, environmental sensors, wifi, to the construction wearable's to keep a monitor and track workers movements, there posture along with slip and falls.



Biometeric sensors


Biometeric sensors is helping to record and track every workers heart rate, body temperature, and notifies the safety manages if any workers is suffering from exhaustion or of over heating as well. By this way of monitoring it can reduce injuries and illness on the construction sites every year.




Redpoint postioning makes a real time location that can be installed on a construction site. The wearbale device is embedded in to the safety vests with alarms and lights to alert the workers. This also allows to track assests like workers tools, equipment or materials. The tags and badges that the workers wear are equipped with a call button to send a alert if they are injured o witness any accidents on the sites.




Caterpillar has also come up with couple of wearble devices. The cat detect is using RFID technology which is embedded in a hard hat or safety vest where as the heavy equipment is fitted with antenna to read the RFID tags. Catsmart band helps in monitoring the fatigue levels of the equipment operators. The smart band also has a internal 3D accelerometer to measure rest and activity cycles and can be downloaded into an analystics program.

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