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 New Technology in construction industry to look out for

 New Technology in construction industry to look out for

The combination of construction and technology is nothing new but its an industry that has been continually evolving for many years. There  are various latest technologies like powerful GPS tracking solutions to new construction apps which are introduced every day in the market. In construction technologies are spreading like wildfire. With new materials, design and greater use of digital and mobile the construction industry is going through a technological renaissance that only continues to grow. We have listed the latest technology trends below in the construction industry.


1: Smart Buildings





 As the growth of technology and internet is booming many of them are turning towards smart buildings. Whether this is for homes, business, or public properties there will be a growing demand for bulidings that can automatically control heating, ventilation and every security systems. These buildings come with sensors and microchips embedded in them at the construction stage allowing smart buildings features to be ready as soon as the building is.


2: Energy saving buildings





As well as being smart more buildings will have energy saving features that will reduce ultility bills and ensure top energy ratings. Designers are considering these energy savings measures at the design process of a building. These design helps in reducing carbon footprint which will have lots of impact on environment.


3: Advanced uses for GPS



GPS tracking solutions are not a new innovation they are being used in creative and resourceful ways within construction. Surveying has improved dramatically since the implementation of GPS. There is no need to use traditional surveying equipment. Collecting data for prospective project sites as well as sites under construction is now done more quickly and accurately using GPS units. GPS tracking solutions are also used is within fleet management. Project manager now equip each vehicle with a GPS device that can be tracked on computer or on a smartphone which allows teams to know where exactly the vehicle is.


4: Modular construction



This construction technology trend centers on values of flexibility. Multiuse and versatile design. Once seen as a method for portable classrooms or trailers. Modular construction has evolved into a viable option for everything from retail structures to affordable housing units. Modular structures utilize offsite and prefabricated construction techniques  to achieve a consistent quality. This particular method provides many benefits including shorter construction time and a more cost effective alternative.


5: Virtual reality will continue to expand



Another construction technology beginning to gain popularity is Virtual Reality. The use of virtual reality in the construction industry continues to grow providing an extremely immersive experience for users. Virtual reality provides an extremely versatile tool in construction and its application can be seen in multiple areas. Real estate developers, designers and architects are taking advantage of this new design experience to take the customers and clients on a virtual tour of homes, buildings and offices. On a smaller scale home and office renovations redesigns and small construction projects can also take advantage of 3D models to create a more accurate plan of clients demand established during the preconstruction stage. A set of virtual reality glasses bring these 3D models to life.

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