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Construction technology : System can 3D print an entire building

Construction technology : System can 3D print an entire building

3D printing is known as additive manufacturing and is a process of making three dimensional physical object from a digital designing. There are multiple 3D printing technologies and materials that can be used for pritinting. Every 3D print starts as a digital 3D design file like a blue print for a physical object. Although 3D printing is commonly thought as a new invention of technology but it is existing from past 30 years. Chuck hull invented the first 3D printing process called “Stereolithography” in 1983. There are various materials that like metal, glass, even food that can be produced by 3D printing, before it was only limited to plastics only. Now the researchers with the help of 3D print are also able to design the basic structure of the entire building. 3D printing systems developed for the construction industry are referred to as construction 3d pritners.

With the help of 3d print technology structures can be produced at a faster pace and its also very less expensive than the traditional construction methods. Customization of the complete building according to the particular site and requirement of the owner is possible with the help of this 3D printing technology. Mix and match of different materials, modification of the internal structures and also material density can also be varied to provide optimum combinations of strength, insulation or other properties is also possible.

Researchers are also claiming that with the help of this approach construction of new kinds of buildings and design will be very much feasible which would not be possible with traditional building methods. The construction industry is still doing things that way it has been doing for more than 100 years. Construction 3D printing may allow faster and more accurate construction of complex or bespoke items which will lower the labour cost as well as producing less waste. It can also help construction to be undertaken in harsh or dangerous environments as well.

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