Typ. Slab Panel


Flowchart for Slab Design



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Salient features:

  • Safety:

The slab is made to pass a number of design checks to withstand its design loads. A design is not accepted until:

  • Mid-span BM < MR (sagging)
  • Support BM < MR (hogging)
  • Shear < allowable limit
  • Maximum deflection < allowable limit
  • Development & anchorage requirements for re-bars are fulfilled.
  • Economy:

Since design is performed automatically in a split second, trials can be made to maximize savings in terms of both concrete and steel. As an example, a reduction in slab thickness by 1”, for a 6m x 6m slab, is equivalent to one cu. m saving in concrete.

  • Speed:

Design calculations are performed, with calculations sheets ready to be printed, at a 'click' of a mouse button. Hence we are able to issue construction drawings faster than others.

  • Optimized Design:

Design checks are done on slab panel starting with the least practical thickness and min steel allowed by design code. Thickness and/or steel are then progressively increased until the slab passes all necessary checks, ensuring an optimum design.

  • Calculations:

The step-by-step detailed calculations on our unique calculation template, highlighting the reserve strength/ FOS against each action, will help you to carry out subsequent alterations in terms of occupancy changes, strengthening, modifications etc, if and when required.





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